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The Colbert Report criticized over racist 'Ching Chong' tweet

Writer : Ndar zone Alap on Monday, September 29, 2014 | 7:58 AM

Monday, September 29, 2014

Article: Famous American show showered in tweets of criticism over racist Asian tweet

Yonhap News via Nate [original article here]

The Colbert Report tweeted, “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever"

Later clarified, "For the record @ColbertReport is not controlled by Stephen Colbert or his show. He is @StephenAtHome Sorry for the confusion #CancelColbert"

1. [+938, -38] They can't even pronounce bulgogi ㅎ They say it instead like bbulkoki, what a load of dog barking noises

2. [+558, -30] Let's be honest, we're guilty of that too. We imitate the Chinese language on comedy programs saying sshing shong deng shyong~wa~ wo ta sa~, right???

3. [+313, -33] Korea's guilty of it too... In that song "That Woman", there's a part in the lyrics where it straight up calls Vietnamese women slaves -_- Let's take a moment to reflect

4. [+24, -1] Koreans imitate Americans by saying shalla shalla too... ㅋㅋ

5. [+19, -4] It's not Asian racist but Chinese racist. Ching chong is usually used to refer to make fun of the Chinese.

6. [+15, -2] Koreans are worse when it comes to imitating foreign languages... ㅋㅋ

7. [+9, -0] See guys, look how this is considered offensive. Even in Korea, gagmen will be on TV imitating South East Asian accents... Imagine how offended they feel. Let's put an end to this.

8. [+7, -1] Can't they just laugh it off as a joke? I mean, even Koreans imitate foreign accents on gag programs, is that considered racist too? Once you start getting mad over stunts on comedy programs, there's really no end to the amount of things that should be considered offensive.

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Kim Jin Pyo takes his leave from 'Dad!'

Article: 'Dad' Kim Jin Pyo leaves the show, a controversial end that has only left wounds

Mediaus via Nate

1. [+559, -14] If only he could've raised the viewer ratings despite the opposal of the netizens... but the producers ended up throwing him out with the drop in viewer ratings.

2. [+529, -33] Didn't he know he wouldn't be liked going into it? Viewers made their voices heard and nobody listened tsk tsk

3. [+422, -48] He was barely on camera anyway, his leave won't make a difference ㅋ

4. [+52, -3] The PD is a selfish and bad person. He kept him on the show despite viewers opposing it and now that viewer ratings are down, he tries to use the first season kids to bring viewers back somehow. In the end, nothing worked, and it was only then that he finally took Kim Jin Pyo off the show...

5. [+45, -1] Honestly, despite the controversy, if his kid was really cute or had a unique character, she could've gotten popularity... but Gyuwon's such an introverted kid that she never got attention.

6. [+36, -5] Did he think female viewers would enjoy seeing him after knowing all of the misogynistic things he said as an Ilbe bug? I can't believe the PD even supported an Ilbe bug like him all this time.

7. [+31, -1] Should've listened to the viewers from the start ㅋㅋ

8. [+26, -4] Some PD should make an 'Ilbe! Where are you going?' show with Kim Jin Pyo, Ryu Si Won, Shin Jung Hwan, Tak Jae Hoon, Lee Hyuk Jae, Bae Seul Gi, Jun Hyo Sung, Crayon Pop, and Shin Sung Il. It'd be a hit. Their trademark can be the Ilbe logo.

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SNSD releases dance practice video for 'Mister Mister'

Reader request.


Article: SNSD releases 'Mr. Mr.' choreograph video 'perfect moves in comfortable clothes'

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+165, -32] They're great at dancing

2. [+149, -29] Amazing of SNSD to be the first to hit 15 million views this year ㅋ

3. [+139, -24] They really matched up to each other well in comfortable clothes

4. [+131, -25] I was in a daze ㅋㅋ I thought they were amazing but they said they did bad and had to reshoot it... I guess pros are pros

5. [+117, -22] Proves that they're pros... it's really hard to have all nine members match up moves like that.

6. [+110, -18] Flawless choreography

7. [+102, -18] I hope they promote longer next album, it was way too short this time ㅜ

8. [+95, -17] Their dancing was on point

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'The Avengers 2' begins filming in Korea among hectic traffic

Article: 'Avengers 2', first day of filming brings hectic chaos and discomfort

Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+784, -44] Why are people complaining? It's the same with any other festival like cherry blossom festivals. Traffic will be bad anywhere and it's your job to take another road~ jeez

2. [+764, -43] I get that there are traffic problems but this is a great opportunity to get Korea more known. Korea's image in movies haven't been all that great but Korea is getting 20 minutes of screentime as an important country in a movie that the entire world is anticipation. Let's just deal with the discomfort for that sake.

3. [+731, -48] Isn't this the first time a foreign film is being filmed in Korea? Is it really that hard for you all to just deal with traffic problems? I get that people have to get to work and stuff but this is an opportunity for us to get Korea known. You all know that Korea's never had a good image in movies thus far. If you really want to change Korea's image, deal with the traffic problems.

4. [+32, -4] I bet the producers never want to film in Korea again. Koreans are so selfish...

5. [+29, -3] Why are people complaining.. Just take another route. Why are you trying to drive through the area... Just walk or something... what's wrong with people


Article: Korea inside Hollywood movies, how has the portrayal changed

Weekly Korea via Naver

1. [+816, -11] It's always a good thing for our country's image to be portrayed positively in movies

2. [+662, -14] I really hope Korea is filmed positively and spread throughout the world

3. [+112, -4] I don't even care about Hollywood films portraying Koreans as money hungry or some murderer character, I just can't stand it when they use another country's culture and claims it as Korea's, especially Japan's

4. [+98, -3] China and Japan have cultural contents that foreigners have a clear idea about like Kung Fu and Wong Fei Hung or ninjas and yakuzas... As for Korea, other than North Korea, we don't really have anything distinctive. I'm glad directors like Im Kwon Taek and Bong Jun Ho are continuing to knock on the Hollywood market to show what Korea has to offer.

5. [+93, -5] Hollywood's perception of Korea has definitely changed. It was so bad in the past... I remember when 'True Lies' tried to film in Korea, people flipped out because they tried to bomb the Han River bridge for real and the director was just like, "Not like you're going to use this bridge anyway, we'll build you a new one after we bomb it" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Korea was so ignored by movie directors but it's gotten a lot better recently.

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